Having discovered the existence of a team called video4you at this website, where affordable short video ads and related services are quickly available, you would certainly feel some encouragement to seize this opportunity, and present your products in the market, in a more efficient and spectacular way than ever before. Company presentations, product information, sales campaigns or smart Facebook games? We equally estimate all – the bigger the challenge, the happier we feel about dipping into work.


As the very first step, we need to clarify what should be the most suitable form of appearance. Would the presentation of the intended message call for creatively combined, good-paced textual and data elements accompanied by striking visual effects and some funky music? Are your product photos to be embedded into the video in order to enhance the power of conviction? Or should we start playing with truly trendy 3D elements or unique, animated characters? It is all up to you – just a click, and you will promptly see all the additional options for a perfect short movie.


We still need some more details that will enable us to accurately detail our offer and get ready for the discussion of concepts, suggestions. For us, it is essential to see and understand the product or service in question; and a link to your company’s website or social media page would surely better our comprehension. Or you want the video to feature specific textual references or data, product photos or some music of your choice? There is nothing to worry about – the button to upload the necessary files is at hand. We have tested the process: these initial steps will not take more than just a few minutes.


Finally, it is our turn, you can leisurely sit back. Within 2 business days you are going to receive our finalized offer alongside a draft script that shows the key parameters of the intended video, as well as our view of the ideal solution based on the information we have from you. If demanded, we are pleased to discuss refinements, differing ideas or changes to the initial concept, as we also want to check off this task of finalizing the script together as soon as it is practicable.


Approaching the finish line. Until the time agreed in the script, video4you transforms the advertising message brought in line with the conceived goals, and hands over the video that should now clearly reflect the mutually finalized concepts. Satisfied with the end result? Let’s move on! Or we can get back to fine-tuning activities to adjust anything still on demand.


The completed animation is delivered in a format that is suitable for publication and aligned with the intended electronic media. By this time, the video has been optimized to suit the selected channel of communication to assist release and make the yields of our joint work apparent as soon as possible: the ad itself on the online marketplace and even more so the anticipated sharp rise of customer interests.

Now, it takes you just a few more clicks and answers to get within reach to