Efficient, pinpointed video ads minus the lengthy process of planning, coordination and creation? Instant access to the most popular online platforms and social media sites in the role of an advertiser, cost-efficiently, backed by professional support? This is exactly what video4you is offering – to anyone whose situation is similar to what we have experienced with our own businesses in recent years.

Because while market access with conventional paper-based prints as information carriers are taken over in popularity by the mighty pixels, video advertisements on screens and monitors are still dominated by the very same large companies that we have been unwantedly sitting with during the commercial breaks of TV-screened movies for some 30 years now.

For us, the question to be answered was what, and in particular how our advertisements could be made successfully public at our own Internet and social media sites, preferably in a well-targeted form, around attracting contents, if we wanted to avoid losing the budget of our next prospective investment to our aspiration of being seen. In short: inexpensively, quickly and with the very message we strive to convey.

Nowadays, own video ads tuned to the target audience are no longer the privilege of big players. With the video4you services, the bakery next door, the downtown hairdresser or a stationery store setting out to introduce a new brand can reach out to basket affordable and rewarding options to run eyeable on the online marketplace with appealing video contents: short company or product information, animated summary of recent developments or achievements, campaigns for product launches and those indispensable Facebook games, for sure.

Like, share, buy – designed for unique demands, but always with a focus on speed, low costs and efficiency, video4you’s animations would give better chances to any business to see this self-evident series of small movements typically associated with the right index finger executed at its own online interface.